Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions by Nolan Conley

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions by Nolan Conley

What are the most important things I need to know about a wedding photographer?

Having been in the wedding business full time since 1984, we understand that it can be a bewildering time for those who have so many decisions to make concerning their special day. We at Nolan Conley Photography hope this guide will assist and guide you with your wedding. Let's begin with the selection of a photographer, then talk about a bridal and engagement sitting and finally the Wedding Day itself. What do you look for in a photographer? You are going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer. The person you select must fit your personality and in general, be enjoyable for you to be around. Incidentally, make sure you are viewing the work of the photographer who will be doing your wedding. At Nolan Conley Photography, My wife Lucinda and I will be the only ones serving you. If we have another wedding and we assign another photographer to you... you will know it when you sign on with us.

I need flexibility, quality and patience with my wedding photography.... can you provide that?

The second and equally as important is the quality of work the photographer produces. If you don't like the pictures, the rest really doesn't matter. You should feel free to express yourself, telling the photographer about your special wishes. I like to be flexible, after all this is a "service" business and it is my business to truly serve the couple and family, helping make their day the best! Remember, this is YOUR special day, not the photographer's or anyone else's. A photographer must also be patient and experienced. There will be many times during the wedding day the photographer must wait on an event or person so the photographer needs to keep a cool head in the heat of "organized chaos". There really is no substitute for experience. A photographer should be able to show at least two albums of their work as well as wall prints.

Are you really a photographer or just a "guy with a camera and business card"?

Having worked for over a year with the First Director of Photography of the National Geographic Magazine, I accumulated technical and lighting skills needed with the late Dean Collins and learned what to do when equipment goes awry. Speaking of equipment, I use the best commercial digital cameras and premium lenses.  With digital... we back up everything! Twice! My wife and I both come in dress attire that is appropriate for the event. Let's talk about the relatives.

I have a family member that has a nice camera and they'll do the photos for free... why do I need you?

One bride came over to look at our booth at a bridal show and I asked her if she had a photographer for her wedding. She quickly replied that she was going to use a friend of the family. Immediately a red flag went up in my mind and I began to explain to her the problems with this. By the very meaning of the word friend, this person wants to have a good time and not work. Photography done correctly, is work. A person needs to be detached from the family to serve the couple correctly. And we're not even mentioning the cameras that weren't set correctly, batteries not fully charged, the lesser quality images of amateur cameras or even a basic knowledge of lighting techniques necessary to make great photos. Remember... a master photographer can take a junk camera and make art, a novice can posess the finest camera made and create junk. Are your wedding memories (photographs) work the risk?

What about the Bridal Sitting?

The bridal sitting usually takes place before the wedding, generally about a month before. After the dress has been altered, you need to call the photographer and make an appointment for your bridal sitting. With Nolan Conley Photography, you can have your sitting in our studio, on location at a park or in a home. In our studio we can provide close-ups as well as full length portraits. We also have two acres with a pond with an island, a waterfall and other amenities. My favorite is bridal portraiture in the home, the bride in her surroundings makes for an excellent subject. Incidentally, we have a silk loaner bouquet for your sitting as some brides may need this. If your reception is at one of the country clubs or other scenic areas, I'm sure they would be more than happy to have you visit for a bridal or engagement sitting. You would need to check with the location to make sure they can accommodate your sitting time.

the Engagement Sitting

The engagement sitting is where the bride and groom are photographed together. Again, this can be in the studio or on location. We encourage you to bring a change of clothing so you may have a formal and casual look. At our indoor and outdoor studio facilities, we really have all that is needed in on location!

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