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How does the process work?

Call us for an appointment (281-320-8644). Then at the sitting, we'll take 20 to 30 or so photos and show them to you directly after the sitting on our large screen, color corrected monitors. We'll review the photos and you will pick your favorite. If you need some help in selecting your best look, we'll be glad to help you. After selecting the best photograph(s), it will be corrected, retouched and converted into a size suitable for large printing jobs such as placards, flyers, business cards and online image resolutions for online services such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Your finished business portraits will usually be emailed to you before you leave.

How much retouching do you do?

Generally, we clean up blemishes, a little eye treatment, some fly-away hair strands and other enhancements. See our example below.

  • Business Before and After Look
  • before-after-before2042
  • before-after-2042

What is the price?

$125.00 plus sales tax. You can purchase additional images for $50.00 each plus sales tax. This price includes a high resolution (printable) image and a low resolution photo suitable for social media and online use.

Do you travel to our location?

Yes, we will and the price may be negotiable depending on how many people you have to photograph. Our standard location travel fee is $100.00 plus sales tax in the Houston area. Depending on how many you have for us to photograph, that could be waived.

What colors / patterns should I wear?

I would suggest not wearing bold patterns, they distract attention from your face. Muted colors are generally better and I can customize the background so it compliments your colors best. If you are in doubt on which outfit to wear... bring several and we'll help you decide. Darker backgrounds with the proper back-lighting really emphasize the face of the subject.

Important business portrait info for guys...

Unless you are going for the "Ryan Seacrest" look... please shave and if you are in a profession that requires a coat and tie... please bring them. A plain white business shirt is generally not a good look.

Can you customize our company colors into your photos?

Yes, we can. There may be an additional fee if you want drop-outs or company logos imposed behind the employees. We'll figure that out before the shoot.

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Call us today at 281-320-8644 and we'll get you and your company going forward with professional & commercial photograph that will make you money!

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