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Website Design | SEO Services | Nolan Conley Photography  Spring Tx
Website Creation Basics

So you have decided that you need a new and up-to-date website...that is a wise decision. It's actually a good practice to update/remodel your website once every 5 years or so. Many customers make their purchasing decision based on the quality of information displayed on the website as well as the reviews the vendor has. A website that is not easy to navigate or not attractive will not have much of an effect on the public at large. So basically make the website attractive, to the point and showing one or two of your best reviews on the first page. Also make it easy for your customers to send you a message for more information or a call back. Your phone number should be easily accessible on every page of your website in mobile and desktop mode!

Remember, new websites MUST be responsive, adjusting themselves automatically to a cell phone screen or a large desktop screen. Mobile screens are now getting 60% or more of search engine usage. This is a big thing for us merchants and Google rewards mobile friendly sites with a higher ranking. Not only does Google change its rules but software changes as well. So let's go through what it would take for you to be ready and have all of the material you need to create a website that will make you money!

Photographs and Video

You will need photography in order to convey your message to best advantage on the web. Video is very helpful to! With photography you really need quality photographs, not just some snaps taken by a friend or neighbor or yourself. If you're photography looks less than stellar, so will your website and the viewer will move on to your competition. I know that professional photography cost a bit more but this is one area that you don't want to skimp, you really need to look professional and competent in your photographs depicting your product or service.

With video, your video needs to be about a certain topic. It is better to have several videos about specific topics than one video about a generalized topic. Several videos give you more content and we definitely want content that will inform and educate your customers, thus they will see you as an authority on your particular product or service.


You really need to have quality hosting by a company you can count on and that you can access 24/7. I personally recommend GoDaddy for this. I have used them for years and I can get them on the phone any time day or night, that is a large plus! You the client should also own your own GoDaddy (or your hosting service) account.

Domain Name for your Website

You need to put quite a bit of thought into your domain name. Don't go with a domain name that is long or complicated. Make it easy for a person to remember, that way you have a better chance of someone going to your site later if they saw a sign, billboard or vehicle warp with your domain proudly displayed. When possible, use one of your main keywords in the domain name. YOU REALLY NEED TO OWN YOUR DOMAIN NAME. Don't let others tell you “I'll take care of it” and then it's in their name. Without a domain name you have nothing and if something goes wrong with your business relationship with the domain owner, you will have to start over from scratch again.

Keyword and Keyword Phrases

In building a new website, use of the proper keywords are a must! Keywords and keyword phrases basically consist of what your customers type when they are wanting to look for goods or services. If you sell ice cream, you better have some keywords in your website text that say ice cream, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream and more!

Keywords not only let your customers know what your website is about but more importantly let Google and Bing know what your website is about! There are two types of keywords, there are single keywords and keyword phrases. Let's say for example that you are selling ice cream. Ice cream is a keyword, delicious blueberry ice cream is a keyword phrase so you can see how keywords are very important in getting your message across to your customers and more importantly to Google. It is important to use single keywords and keyword phrases in the text of your website.

Website Pages

Most websites have a home page that gives a general idea about your product or service. From the home page there are generally menu links that link to your specific products and/or services so your customers can go to what they really need right away. Each of these sub pages needs to be optimized with special code so that it is search engine friendly and with text that tells about the specific product or service that is customer friendly! Make it easy for your customers to find what they need!

Several other pages that you will need include a contact us page, a locator map, an about our company page, a reviews page and finally you need to have a blog page. The blog page is very important as it is used to describe and emphasize a particular product or service. Let's go back to our ice cream example. I would suggest writing a blog page about mint flavored rocky road ice cream! In that page I would mention mint flavored rocky road ice cream a fair amount of times. That phrase would also appear in other text on the page as well as a picture that shows the product. That makes this page about mint flavored rocky road ice cream very search engine friendly as it is a specific topic and not a broad topic such as ice cream.

Google and Bing Accounts

You MUST have a Google account in order to rank well in search engines. Google is also a word that I am use that when addressing website's SEO, encompass Bing as well. Both Google and Bing accounts are very important for your search engine visibility. It would be best if I helped you establish your Google and Bing accounts the correct way

Google and Bing Ads

From time to time Google changes the rules concerning search engine optimization or SEO. One of these changes has occurred recently and you need to purchase a Google ad. Trust me, I know that this is not something that most people want to hear or do but it's something that needs to be done if you want to show up in the top areas of your product or service. Google is beginning to favor its own ads over organic ads. Google has a near monopoly on the search engine market so I can see why they would encourage you to have a Google ad. You don't have to be the head cashier at the Walmart figure that one out! Thank you Larry! You can bet the farm that Bing won't be far behind on this one also.

Company Logos and Graphics

In order to build your web page correctly we would need your company logo, preferably in a high resolution format such as .ai, .pdf, .cdr, .dwg or other vector image format. If you use a "raster" format (which is an image composed of pixels), I need the largest file size you can give me. A 5k JPG of your company logo is unacceptable. It will break apart and look awful on your site or it would be very small in size. Again, I need the largest file size you can give in whatever image format is available to you. I can pretty much read them all.

Our Websites are Custom Built with SEO included and not a CMS (Content Management System)

I build websites from scratch. This way I can get exactly what is desired by my client and I'm not working within the confines of a CMS.

Website Construction Time Frame, Pricing and No-Contract SEO

The average website will take approximately four weeks to complete, it could be plus or minus a week depending on the size and complexity database driven websites and those who employ complex modules take longer.

My starting price for a website is $4000. 00. I require $1700 down and then you can pay in increments as the site progresses and the balance upon completion of the website. This price does include some photography so we can make your website look very professional with images that are pertinent and visually attractive. Photography outside of the greater Houston area is available for a additional fee.

SEO (Search Engin Optimization) is an ongoing process as the website is honed and revised to make the best use of key words

I build websites from scratch. This way I can get exactly what is desired by my client and I'm not working within the confines of a CMS.


Thank you very much for your time, we really do appreciate your reading this article and hope that we can be of service to you.

Call us today at 281-320-8644 and we'll make you glad you did!
You can also write us on our handy contact form on this website! Your info will go no further!

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