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Business Portraits that Make You Money

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The Job of a Quality Business Portrait is to Make You Money!  Period!

The purpose of any business portrait, realtor headshot, executive portrait or any other image you use in business is to basically make you money!

Sadly, and illogically, people tend to do business with an image that they like. If you have a cheap looking portrait you will probably not get near as much business as if you have a very nice business portrait that presents you in a flattering way! It's just human nature and you can't fight human nature. It's just in our nature to do business with a person who appeals to us, a person who looks good and also presents an aura of capability within the industry they represent.

An executive portrait is generally taken of a person who holds a high position of responsibility in a company. The portrait taken of this person must reflect the responsibility that the person has, leading this company in the correct direction. So in this instance you would probably want a well-dressed person and with great grooming such as hair combed, properly shaved and all of these things. That puts together the total package of an executive who is in control and leading their company in the right direction. People tend to gravitate to those who look the part. It's just the way it is!

I have seen many business head shots around. I've seen them at grocery stores, banks, hospitals and other institutions and some look very nice and others look terrible. When I going to one of these businesses and I see someone who looks like they were photographed against the wall with a cell phone camera, it just doesn't look very professional. The lighting is not right, the photography is not right, all the peoples facial imperfections show, and worst of all it doesn't benefit or worse, even degrades the company that person represents.

Realtor portraits are very important. Most of the time a realtor is either chosen by word-of-mouth or by the photograph that they present in different magazines, flyers and other publications. A realtor's portrait must look presentable and nice, they can't look too happy or too serious. If in the realtor headshot the person looks too happy or goofy, you will think that maybe they're not really taking their job seriously. If in the realtor headshot the person looks too serious, then one might think that they're not very people friendly and thus would have a hard time selling your home or property.  I would not have any problem at all using the realtor in this blog post.

At Nolan Conley Photography, we retouch your realtor portraits and all business portraits for that matter. We do not change the way that you look but we just make a smoother more presentable version of you. An enhanced view so that when people look at your photograph they will think “Gee I'd like to do business with this person! I think they can sell my property!”

That my friends is the power of a well-made business headshot and realtor portrait. So call us today at Nolan Conley Photography, our phone number is 281-320-8644. Read our reviews, you'll be glad you contacted us!  We also offer digital delivery before you leave, depending on how many photos you want.

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