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  Can You Pencil Me In?  

In a word, no. But, before you think I'm unreasonable or difficult, let me explain why. We get many referrals from our wedding clients. We are thankful for these and will make them equally satisfied as well.

Let's say a referral we'll call Nancy contacts us. She's excited that we're open for her date and she asks us to pencil her in. Without deposit, she wants us to hold her date and have us call her if anyone else wants the date so she can rush a payment in. Then another referral we'll call Betty phones us, equally excited, and wants to book the wedding now (with deposit) for that same day. We don't have a deposit from Nancy... but she "says" she wants the date. Who do we serve? We now have one unhappy bride and photographer with the potential for 2 unhappy brides. This scenario happened to us once and this is why we can't "pencil" you in. Only deposits hold dates.

Your deposits are non-refundable. The reason for this is we had a prospective client that used a credit card to hold a date and then her daughter changed her mind. In the meantime, we passed up 2 weddings because the date was "booked". Again, your deposit is non-refundable.

So, our rule is: Whoever places a deposit on a wedding day first get's the date. If you can't make it in until later in the week or month... then if someone comes in and places a deposit for your date, it goes to the one who made the deposit. If you call us, letting us know that you will be in to deliver a deposit at noon (or whenever agreed to) you need to be there at that time or your date is open again. You can call in a credit card number which we will run to cover your deposit.   I hate that it has to be this way, but it's the only fair way to handle available dates.

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