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  Wedding Policy  

Your Personal Responsibility

Nolan Conley, Nolan Conley Photography or anyone with our organization will not be held responsible for your personal safety, property or belongings (although we will strive to send you home in one piece and help you look for missplaced items) in the studio or on any location where we have been. We will not be responsible for bridal gowns or shoes. You, the client, must take the proper precautions when having a bridal sitting for the cleanliness of your dress and shoes. If you have a white dress and we take your bridal portrait in the woods... expect some soiling of the dress.

Can you "Pencil" me in?
In a word, no. But, before you think I'm unreasonable or difficult, let me explain why. We get many referrals from our wedding clients. We are thankful for these and will make them equally satisfied as well.

Let's say a referral we'll call Nancy contacts us. She's excited that we're open for her date and she asks us to pencil her in. Without deposit, she wants us to hold her date and have us call her if anyone else wants the date so she can rush a payment in. Then another referral we'll call Betty phones us, equally excited, and wants to book the wedding now (with deposit) for that same day. We don't have a deposit from Nancy... but she "says" she wants the date. Who do we serve? We now have one unhappy bride and photographer with the potential for 2 unhappy brides. This scenario happened to us once and this is why we can't "pencil" you in. Only deposits hold dates.

Your deposits are non-refundable. The reason for this is we had a prospective client that used a credit card to hold a date and then her daughter changed her mind. In the meantime, we passed up 2 weddings because the date was "booked". Again, your deposit is non-refundable.

So, our rule is: Whoever places a deposit on a wedding day first get's the date. If you can't make it in until later in the week or month... then if someone comes in and places a deposit for your date, it goes to the one who made the deposit. If you call us, letting us know that you will be in to deliver a deposit at noon (or whenever agreed to) you need to be there at that time or your date is open again. You can call in a credit card number which we will run to cover your deposit.   I hate that it has to be this way, but it's the only fair way to handle available dates.

Wedding Payment Plans

Our two payment plans is as follows:

For half payments... here is the plan:

1/2 of the total amount (including sales tax) on acceptance of contract,

The final 1/2 payment 5 days prior to your wedding.

We will add appropriate Sales Tax with all purchases.

For third payments... here is the plan:

1/3 of the total amount (including sales tax) on acceptance of contract,

1/3 halfway in-between booking and the wedding

The final 1/3 payment 5 days prior to your wedding.

We will add appropriate Sales Tax with all purchases.

Non-payment of the last installment by the wedding day means you will NOT have a photographer at your wedding.

Multiple Professional Photographers

We understand that we will be the only professional photographer retained to photograph your wedding. Two professional photographers would be a nightmare. We have been working well with videographers for years so there won't be any problems here.   By the way, we have no problems with relatives taking photos or "wedding cameras" placed on tables at the reception.

Our Meals at your Event

We will ask you to provide a place for us (Nolan & Lucinda) to sit and eat at your reception. We need to be placed with your guests so that if an event happens during the mealtime, we can cover this. Typically, we don't spend much time eating / taking a break as we are constantly watching events, even as we dine.

Reserve the Right to Use and Promote

We reserve the right to use Negatives/Digital Files and/or reproductions for display, website use, publication or other purposes. Negatives/Digital Files remain the property of the studio. Even if you purchase your Negatives/Digital Files, we retain the right to keep using your images.

HiRez Images Information

If you wish to purchase your high-resolution digital files, they will be available for purchase after your wedding date.    Click Here for more information.

Postponement or Cancellation

In the event of a postponement, date change or cancellation of the wedding/contract, the deposit(s) paid are NOT refundable.   If you wedding is cancelled outside of 3 months prior to the wedding date, we will allow you to use the unused portion of your deposit toward any services that we provide.  If you have already used any of our services, then that amount would be deducted from your credit with us.

In the event of a date change, we will diligently strive to accommodate you or have another competent photographer at your wedding in the event Nolan Conley would be booked on your new date.

Wedding Image Liability

The Studio takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, processing and delivery of photographs. However, in the event the Studio fails to comply with the terms of this contract, due to any event by the Studio or act outside the control of the Studio, the Studio's liability is limited to the refund of deposits. This (getting no photos from a wedding) hasn't happened but it's becoming a legalistic society and we have to state this policy.

Time Limit for Receiving Balance of Products

You have up to 2 years from your wedding date to receive the rest of your package (reprints, portraits, albums, etc.) which you have paid for. After the 2 years has passed, Nolan Conley Photography is released from all obligations of the wedding contract, verbal or written.

Our Promise to Serve You

We will work for you to the best or our ability. We have a fine reputation in our community and wish to keep it firmly intact. You can be assured that we at Nolan Conley Photography will make you proud you chose us for your wedding day.

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