Nolan Conley Photography specializes in excellent commercial portraits, professional portraits and Realtor portraits
Fine Weddings with a Photojournalist Style Glamorous Senior Photography for all Houston area High Schools! modeling images for a cutting edge portfolio Family Portraits Professional Portraits for Realtors and Business People Commercial & Industrial Photography
Houston Professional Portraits for Realtor Portraits, Commercial Head Shots, Commercial Portraits
  Frequently Asked Questions  

How does the process work?

Call us for an appointment (281-320-8644).  Then at the sitting, we'll take 30 or so photos and show them to you directly after the sitting on our large screen, color corrected monitors.  We'll review the photos and you will pick your favorite.  If you need some help in selecting your best look, we'll be glad to help.  After selecting the best photograph, it will be corrected, retouched and converted into a size suitable for large printing jobs such as placards, flyers, business cards and online images.  You will receive a CD with your files before you leave.

How much retouching do you do?

Generally, we clean up blemishes, a little eye treatment, some fly-away hair strands and other enhancements. See our example below.


If I would like some additional images or reprints... can I get them ?

Additional images are available, worked, retouched, resized and included on your CD for $40.00 each.    We also offer studio quality enlargements.  Ask about these after your session.

Do you go on location for business photographs.

Yes we do and there is a fee of $75.00 to go on location.  This fee is negotiable depending on the number of people to be photographed at that location.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Sales tax is added to all purchases.

When is the payment due?

At the end of the session when you are presented your CD.

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